Feeling Blessed

Wow! I am feeling so overwhelmed with gratitude for all the positive comments I have received for yesterday’s post! My page views from yesterday are double my previous highest day! I guess it’s true that positivity begets positivity! :) Thank you to everyone who has been reading for your continued support. I really do appreciate it.

Ok so yesterday I had mentioned that I was going to post my goals on my next post and get them out there, in paper, and have a plan, but of course life got in the way, and I just didn’t have time tonight to write them down or even really think of them. Tomorrow night I have a lot more time though, and I will sit down and actively get something together. Being me, I’ll probably even make a really pretty chart to hang up on my wall too! ;)

In this post, however, I will talk about my small victories for the day! (It’s all about the little things. ;) )

Small victory #1-I went swimming after work. I had been feeling pretty tired from the last couple days of swimming that I did, and I was making excuses for myself and trying to justify not going tonight, but I thought about it, and I knew that if I didn’t go, I was going to regret it. I decided to give myself a compromise and instead of doing my usual 30 minutes, I could do just 20. I got my butt in the pool, and I’m not going to lie… it was hard! My arms and legs were really tired, and I felt like I was in that Milky Way Simply Caramel commercial where the guy is swimming in a pool of caramel, but I did it! I did my laps, and I felt good when I was done! I wish I could just bottle up that feeling somehow to pull out later on the next time I don’t want to work out because I never once have gotten done with a workout, no matter how hard, and thought, “Man, I really regret doing that!”

Small victory #2-I tracked everything I ate today¬†before I ate it! It is so easy to overeat and underestimate the nutrition facts in what you’re eating if you wait until it’s already in your stomach, and then there’s really nothing you can do about it. I stopped at the store to grab a couple things on my way home tonight, and the ice cream was on sale… I figured I had enough calories left that I could get some and have a small treat. Well, I decided to go online and track it before eating it to make sure, and it turns out I had burned fewer calories than I thought in my swim, so I didn’t have enough. I decided to have a small treat anyway, but I had a small handful of candy corn instead and stayed within my allotted calories for the day. I was a little disappointed that I couldn’t have my ice cream, but it’s in my freezer, and I know that I can have some tomorrow if I make sure to plan for it. :)

Honestly, I really didn’t need that extra treat tonight because I had a very yummy treat at work today. They brought around cupcakes as a little thank you for everyone. It was awesome! I kind of wish I wouldn’t have eaten the whole thing though because about halfway through it just didn’t taste as good as it did when I first started eating it, and when I was finished, I had a little bit of an upset stomach. I think that is a good lesson that I really need to start listening to my body better and to stop eating things just because they’re there.

Anyway, that was my day! I think I’m going to top it off with some Breaking Bad and then a little reading. :)

What are your small victories?

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  1. j-o-s-h October 11, 2013 at 10:24 am Reply

    Yay! I love food so much! And great news!! We are only serving zero-calorie food at our party next weekend so there is no need to even count your caleries.

    My small victories? Waking up everyday and not eating ice cream for breakfast — ice cream is so good! Especially the banana split flavor frozen yogurt.

    You should always throw away the bottom half of the cupcake before you take your first bite. It is my rule of thumb (well, I’ve never actually done that, but it seems like a great idea).

    Also, I think you may be swimming to slow…?

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